Volunteer Assignments

Here are the Volunteer Assignments


First Last Assignment Comm
Abdul Alhesayen Cyclist 5K Lead Yes
Ian Armour Start Line Parking
Bob Boothby Transportation Yes
James Buffin Parking Lot Yes
Bonnie Cameron Water Station  
Val Chlistovsky Zone #4 End of the Earth Yes
Craig Coblentz Cyclist 10K Sweep Yes
Laura Dale Race Kit Pick-up  
Mike Dimino Course Yes
Lynda Hattan 5K Sweep Yes
Nelson Jin Sutherland Chan  
Pat Kendle Bag Check  
John Knox DJ  
Rebecca Kuhn Social Media  
Warren Legge Course Lead Yes
Chris O’Brien VIP Tent  
Jenna Patterson Food Station  
Brian Patteson Zone #3 – Split Personality Yes
Kelly Ritson Zone #1 Devils Handbag Yes
Karen Ritson VIP Tent Yes
Alex Ritson Zone #1 Devils Handbag  
Tania Serafino Sutherland Chan  
Rita Singh Zone #  
Terry Slattery Start/Finish Line Yes
Laura Trenton Info Booth/Water Station #2 Yes
Alison Trenton Social Media Yes
Mark Trenton Start/Finish Yes
Rob Witchel Cyclist 10K Lead Yes

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