As parents, family, and friends of children impacted by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis we felt it necessary to contribute. In short, this is why we do what we do:

We believe that children should be free to run and play games, to draw and paint, and to dream and write stories.

We believe that a child’s ambition, hopes, and dreams should not be limited by Arthritis.

By bringing together forward-thinking community-minded business leaders we’ll create a fun art inspired 10K run/walk with the potential to raise over $250,000 in support of patient care, research, and scholarships for SickKids Rheumatology.

And we’ll do this by hosting a unique and engaging running event set in picturesque Boyd Conservation Area (Kleinburg, ON) with a VIP finish at the incomparable McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

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Kinlagh’s Story

Hi my name is Kinlagh, I’m 13 years old and I’m in grade 8. I have polyarticular juvenile idiopathic  arthritis, rheumatoid positive. In April of 2016, I had a sprained ankle that wasn’t getting better. It took over 6 months to finally diagnose my arthritis after noticing yet another sore joint. Once I was diagnosed, my rheumatologist at Sick Kids found 5 other active joints that are now in remission. But my ankle has been pretty stubborn. I’ve been through 3 procedures and 4 medication changes to try and help it.

Because of the ongoing arthritis in my ankle, I’m not able to participate in as many activities as I would like. I sometimes have to sit out during gym class at school, but I still play softball in the summer and take swimming lessons in the winter. I am often limited in my softball playing; I’ll sometimes miss a practice to be able to play in a game, and when I get on base during a game, I’ll usually get a pinch runner.

Although I’m not able to play on any sports teams at school, I participate in various clubs instead. I am the co-captain of my Improv Team, I’m in the Children-Sponsoring Club, and I co-lead the Community Club. I’m also very active in promoting arthritis awareness by sharing my story with my classmates and fundraising throughout my school and in my community.

I keep working through these challenges by keeping a positive outlook. And I’m really proud to say that the year I was diagnosed, I won the award for the highest grades in my graduating class.

Unlike most kids with arthritis, I was diagnosed at age 11, so I can remember what my life was without arthritis; that has been the hardest part for me, knowing both lives. I’m hoping that we can find a cure for JIA so that the kids who were diagnosed at a young age can also experience life without JIA and so that I can go back to that life as well.

How we help the doctors and staff in Rheumatology

As the leading pediatric rheumatology hospital in the world, SickKids hosts Fellows who come to Toronto to study and learn from their staff and to perform research. With the additional funds the Rheumatology Department can purchase data saving valuable time and support the costs of collection of data via their own studies. Additionally, SickKids is also able to fund external learning opportunities and collaborative conferences for occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and doctors providing an opportunity to share and learn best practices. All these opportunities put SickKids at the leading edge of patient care and help create better lives for the children they treat.

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of healthier and happier children.